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  Originated from snowy plateau of West China, united with winding brooks and converging into a mighty flow, withstanding innumerable hardships, indomitable ‘Changjiang’ (Chinese name of ‘Yangtze River’) keeps running and nourishing our motherland, and provides endless power source for the prosperity of China. Our corporation is honored to be named as ‘Changjiang’

  Sichuan Changjiang Group Corp., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as ‘Changjiang Group’) with prior name of ‘Sichuan Changjiang Enterprise Corp.’ was established in May 1980. It was listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange in December 1995 as ‘Chuan Changjiang’. Changjiang Group was re-organized on the basis of ‘Chuan Changjiang’ in December 1997 with registered capital of RMB139.4999 million yuan.
The business scope of Changjiang Group includes: import and export, project contracting & investment, financing, rental service, real estate , urban public transportation, tourism, etc.

During 27 years development since its establishment, through the arduous efforts, commitment and dedication of all the staff, the accumulated trade volume of the corporation has reached USD1.9 billion dollars, and all the taxes and profits contributed to our country are standing at nearly RMB800 million yuan.

Our corporation has for a succession of years ranked among the 500 largest national state-owned import and export enterprises and kept a leading place in Sichuan province, and was honored as ‘A back-bone Enterprise in China’ by the National State-owned Assets Administration Bureau.

Our corporation was collected in ‘White Paper of China Foreign Trade and Economic Relations’ and complimented by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economics as ‘National Economic Flower in China’ in 1988.

Our corporation was enrolled in the list of the 500 largest state-owned national enterprises in 1995.

By the end of June 2007, the total assets of the corporation has reached RMB337.36 million yuan, with net asset RMB208.68 million yuan. The state-owned asset has appreciated by RMB204.98 million yuan, growing by 55.4 times compared to the original investment by the government.

The real estate project ‘Fengshang Luxurious Business Apartment’ in 2006 was awarded as ‘Excellent Project’ by Chengdu Municipal Government.

In April of 2006, Sichuan ( Sino-Japanese) Taxi Co., Ltd. was awarded as? ‘National advanced Management Enterprise’ by National Taxi Association.

In recent years, Changjiang Group has been expediting business adjustment and integrating all kinds of natural and human resources. We have gradually built up a high efficient, and hardworking management team. Through hard efforts, we have realized sharp increase in succession years on corporation operation scale and income. Imports and exports as the traditional main business of our corporation, we are actively developing overseas markets in Mid of Asia, Middle East and Africa for export of complete mechanical & electrical equipment, chemical products and turn-key projects. With regard to real estate development, we have a professional operation team and we are proud of achievements we have made, and expect to have greater success in future via adopting sustainable strategy. Sino-Japan and Changjiang Taxi companies are the ones of earliest founded taxi companies in Chengdu areas, well known in taxi industry and expected to be equipped with 1000 taxies in 2007 and become the leading taxi companies in Chengdu. Besides, tourism business has shown a rapid increase tendency in these years, and expected to play a more important role in future.

‘Outgoing’ strategy will be adopted in our import and export business. We will actively develop export of all kinds of complete equipment, and make our corporation a comprehensive large scale complete equipment exporter with annual import & export turnover of USD300.00 million dollars. The real estate company is expected to be a large scale and high-class apartment developer with annual production value of RMB1.00-2.00 billion yuan, and construction area of 200,000sqm to 300,000sqm. Taxi companies will carry on ‘Low Cost Expanding’ strategy, and grow up into the leading taxi company in Chengdu with 1500 sets of taxies in coming 10 years. We will also integrate our business of credit & finance, rental, bond and security, optimize the corporation’s capital in our province, coastal areas and overseas, and seek a good way into the field of finance investment. In 10 years, the business volume of Changjiang Corporation will reach RMB2.00 billion yuan or more.

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